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Cloud Call Center delivers optimal cost savings and flexible staffing. Faster Call Resolution. Comprehensive features. Easy to use.


Simplify Your Contact Center

Streamline your call center and deliver excellent customer experiences, time after time. MegaPath Call Center solutions (also known as Contact Center solutions) support a broad range of businesses with intelligent queues, coaching tools, real-time reporting, and more. Comprehensive features in our cloud contact center software connect your callers with the right agent the first time, and provides the data you need to track and optimize agent performance.

Advanced Features for Every Call Center

Customizable Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Route callers to the right queue, with the right priority to the right skilled agent.

Customizable Greeting & Queue Messages

Callers hear an initial greeting, then music, advertisements, or comfort messages.

Flexible Staffing & Oversight

Blend on-site and remote agents; easily manage everyone centrally, regardless of location.

Agent Web Console

Web Console (Agent)

View & manage incoming calls, escalate to supervisor, set Availability status, and more.

Supervisor Web Console

Web Console (Supervisor)

View status & manage agents, queues, and queued calls; view & manage reports.

Powerful Reporting

Use real-time and historical metrics to make queue management and staffing decisions.

Intelligent Queues

Increase your first call resolution. Route incoming calls to employees based on agent or team skill sets.

Coaching Tools

Use silent monitoring, optional call recording, and other tools to coach agents and expand skills.

Collaboration Tools

IM chat and presence promote real-time teamwork. Add MegaPath One UC to screen share, IM, and audio/video conference with customers through their Web browser.

MegaPath Options for Call Center Solutions

Call Center Pro

MegaPath Call Center Pro delivers comprehensive call queuing, routing, and quality control features in a cloud-based, carrier-grade call center solution. Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution (ACD), and intelligent queuing direct callers to the right agent the first time.

Team collaboration tools and intuitive Web-based Agent and Supervisor consoles streamline call and queue management.

Escalate or promote calls with a single click. Blend on-premises, remote, and off-shore teams for optimum customer service, flexibility, and cost control. See all Call Center Pro features.

If your business needs:

  • All the essential features for a contact center with basic needs
  • Up to 50 queued calls

Call Center Premium

In addition to all the features available with MegaPath Call Center Pro, MegaPath Call Center Premium offers an expanded call queue and advanced features such as disposition codes, whisper messages, night/weekend/holiday schedules, and outbound ACD calls. It also includes a broader range of report options, including more granular report customization. See all Call Center Premium features.

If your business needs:

  • Advanced features for a more complex contact center with sophisticated queuing and management needs
  • Up to 525 queued calls

Compare Call Center Plans & Features

More Advanced Features for Every Call Center

Choice of Device

Agents and supervisors can use their choice of device – desk phone or mobile phone. Use MegaPath phones or provide your own.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

No CapEx; no equipment to maintain; fewer incoming trunks since calls are queued in the network.

IVR/Auto Attendant

Guide callers using voice prompts.

One-click Escalation

In the agent console, simply select the supervisor and immediately transfer a call.

Call Quality

Combine the Cloud Call Center with MegaPath’s Business-class Internet access to get true Quality of Service.

Real-time Agent Management

Monitor all agents in a single view so you can re-route calls or move agents to alternate queues in real-time.

Built-in Continuity

Reroute calls to alternate locations in case of a localized power outage or natural disaster.

Easy Self-service Administration

Administrators can manage your Call Center using our intuitive Customer Portal.

MegaPath Call Center Advantages

Expertise & Options

Put our 20 years of experience providing innovative cloud and connectivity service to work for you. Choose between two robust call center packages for the best fit. And, combine your call center software with MegaPath Business Internet for the best possible call quality. Add Call Recording and MegaPath One Unified Communications for even more robust quality control.

Free Training & Support

We provide free, live, one-on-one training for call agents, supervisors, and administrators. Our call center solutions (also called Contact Center solutions) include 24/7/365 support, so you can keep giving your own customers the best contact center experience.

Choices & Control

Your call center agents can use their device of choice: desktop or mobile phone. And, as a business you decide if you want to use MegaPath-provided phones or your existing phones. Purchase only the number of seats you need within our contact center solution. Control your call center features and settings through our Customer portal. It’s in your hands, but we're always here to help.

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Featured Business Desk Phone: Polycom VVX 411

Featured Phone: Polycom VVX 411

Mid-range phone suitable for Call Center environments.
Color screen. 12 lines

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I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.
I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.