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Switching to Hosted Voice for Business

10 Ways MegaPath Makes It Easier to Switch

Advantages of Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice, also known as Hosted VoIP, allows your business to make phone calls using the same broadband connection you use to connect to the Internet. Hosted Voice functionality is hosted on a multi-redundant nationwide network. MegaPath offers everything you need including broadband connectivity, IP phones, calling plans, advanced calling features, and Unified Communications tools for a complete, unified Hosted Voice system that supports a single office or multiple locations nationwide.

For businesses that currently rely on traditional premises-based phone systems, Hosted Voice offers significant cost savings, superior flexibility and advanced functionality. Despite these advantages and others, many businesses have held back from switching only because they anticipate a challenging transition process.

Fortunately, MegaPath has taken the pain out of switching to a hosted PBX system, with a unique level of simplicity and convenience that ranges across the entire process from an easy purchasing experience and flexible, fast installation options to ongoing 24/7 customer support.

10 Ways MegaPath Makes It Easier to Switch to Hosted Voice

Making a change to your business communications system takes a bit of time and effort, but it doesn't have to be a hassle. With MegaPath on your side, there's never been a better opportunity to give your business the advantages of Hosted Voice.

1. Easy Purchasing Experience
Our internet phone service experts guide you through the process of selecting the service plan, value-added features, and phones that fit your business's unique needs. With Hosted Voice, you can bring your own broadband, or get guaranteed voice Quality of Service (QoS) when you choose one of our Business Internet services including DSL, T1, or Business Ethernet. To transfer your current phone numbers, you can call our Voice Implementation team or submit the request yourself on our easy-to-use portal.

2. No Onsite Phone System Required
Because phone system functionality is hosted on the MegaPath network, there's no PBX, IP-PBX, Centrex or other costly phone system to buy or lease and maintain. That's a huge savings in time and money, and it means that you'll never outgrow your cloud phone system. All you need is a broadband connection, phones, and a voice-capable router.

3. Around-the-Clock Service and Support
The MegaPath customer service team works around the clock 24/7/365 to support and serve all of our hosted VoIP customers. You get access to this support regardless of how many seats you purchase, so you can rest assured we'll be here to help.

4. Unlimited Calling Plans
Unlimited calling plans are included with our virtual phone system packages and eliminate costly and unpredictable long-distance bills. Plans are available for nationwide or international calling. Company-wide shared minute calling plans are also available, starting as low as 500 minutes per month.

5. Rapid, No-Hassle Deployment Options
MegaPath offers simple, flexible options for getting your internet phone service installed:

  • Self-install. With our self-install option, you can use your own resources to deploy voice at your locations and be up and running in about a week. Our self-install is backed by a 7-Day Service Level Agreement (SLA) and real service credits.
  • Professional install. For customers that prefer a hands-off installation, MegaPath offers a fully-managed installation. With this option, MegaPath assigns a dedicated project manager and an onsite technician to oversee your voice implementation, start to finish.

6. Broadband Choice and Quality
Although you can choose to keep your existing broadband service, we guarantee true voice Quality of Service (QoS) when you combine Hosted Voice with our broadband service. That's because having both voice service and broadband connectivity on one network enables our technology to prioritize voice calls over other data for crystal-clear call quality. In addition, this nationwide network was built with voice in mind, to avoid issues that can affect voice quality.

We offer a full range of cost-effective broadband options, all backed by a high-performance nationwide network and reliable customer service:

  • Business Ethernet. Best value for maximum bandwidth up to 45 Mbps with the same 99.99% uptime as a T1.
  • T1s and Bonded T1s. Symmetrical bandwidth up to 12 Mbps with robust SLAs including 99.99% SLA guaranteed uptime.
  • Business DSL. Affordable line-share and dedicated DSL options with download speeds up to 20 Mbps.

7. Intuitive Self-Service Management
Hosted Voice is far easier to manage than an onsite PBX or IP-PBX. Unlike a traditional premises-based system, moves and changes don't require you to rewire a telephone closet, and scalability is limited only by your broadband capacity. Because functionality is hosted in the cloud, your voice administrator can manage your cloud phone system from any location and even order new services and seats through a secure web portal. Best of all, your users can manage most features themselves.

MegaPath offers powerful online voice management tools for users and administrators alike.

  • Voice Manager. Place calls, listen to virtual voicemail, and manage call routing and other settings on an easy-to-use web portal. Users can access Voice Manager using a personal computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android device. Calls placed via Voice Manager use your VoIP phone number and your company's calling plan.
  • Administrative Portal. Ordering, implementation, and service management are easy, whether customers work with sales and support representatives over the phone or use the Chat Support or self-service capabilities available on our customer portal. Administrators can manage all users across all office locations, from virtually any device. No need to tie up your IT department or keep telephony specialists on staff. Chat with support; manage support tickets; port phone numbers from your previous provider; order new services and phones; access calling records; and pay your bill.

8. More Than 50 Easy-to-Learn Features; Free Training
Hosted Voice comes standard with over 50 features that increase efficiency and improve communication with customers and colleagues. To ensure widespread adoption and a smooth transition, we provide free customizable user and administrator training to help employees get the most out of Hosted Voice. Popular hosted PBX features include:

  • Find Me/Follow Me. Define how incoming calls are routed or forwarded to individuals or groups of inbound callers, ensuring that you receive important calls whether you're at your desk, on the road, or anywhere else.
  • Visual Voicemail with Transcription. Receive a copy of your voicemail messages as audio file attachments or as a transcribed message delivered to your inbox, and easily review, respond to, or forward messages even while attending another calls.
  • Voice Manager. Make and receive phone calls, change routing, and turn features on or off as needed with a single click. Accessible on your smartphone or PC.
  • MegaPath Anywhere. Get one-number calling from any device. Your calls appear to originate from your VoIP number and all of your calls are routed through your Hosted Voice interface. Make or take calls using your desk phone, conference room phone, computer softphone client, or smartphone. Move a call from one device to another without disconnecting the call.
  • Audio Conferencing. Host audio conferences using simple, intuitive desktop and mobile clients. Each user gets a conference code and leader PIN number for on-demand audio conferencing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Record conferences and share the recordings later.
  • Call Recording. Record all inbound and outbound calls for one or more employees. Improve call center management, customer service and training. Comply with regulations and reduce potential liabilities. Administrators can easily access and manage call recordings for all of their users.

9. Mobile Solutions for a New Generation of Business
Let's face it: today's fast-paced, highly mobile work style frequently extends beyond the confines of a traditional office. Hosted Voice offers affordable, scalable solutions for a range of business needs, including:

  • Constant connection with clients, colleagues, partners, and others
  • Remote offices and telecommuters
  • Secure remote access to corporate applications and data
  • Home-based workforce

Hosted Voice with Unified Communications is designed to keep everyone connected on one system regardless of locations, including central and remote offices and traveling and work-from-home employees. Keep everyone in touch using your business Hosted Voice service and these features.

  • A complete range of Unified Communications tools complement voice calling with instant messaging (chat), presence, video calling, and screen sharing all accessed via a softphone available for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • MegaPath Anywhere turns any device - desk phone, smartphone, or home phone - into your business phone, using your Hosted Voice business number and calling plan.
  • With Find Me/Follow Me, you define how incoming calls are routed or forwarded, ensuring that you receive important calls whether you're at your desk, on the road, or anywhere else.
  • Voice Manager is a simple-to-use web application that gives users the power to change routing, turn features on or off, and make and receive phone calls.

10. Disaster Recovery Protection
Choosing Hosted Voice is one of the easiest ways to protect your business from sudden disruptions such as power outages and natural disasters. Because voicemail, call processing, and advanced features are hosted on our network, they remain available even if something goes down at the business location. This means that even if nobody in the office can receive calls, callers never hear a fast busy signal. Virtual voicemail will continue to function and messages can be retrieved remotely. Employees that have Internet access can immediately use their softphone for calls or forward their calls to another phone, allowing HD voice communications—and business—to continue virtually uninterrupted. If a Hosted Voice auto attendant is in use, it will continue to function as an automated receptionist, and the outgoing message can be quickly reprogrammed from anywhere to give up-to-date information to callers.

Switch Now

An estimated 80% of enterprise companies are engaged in VoIP trials.1 The Hosted VoIP services market is expected to see continued strong growth worldwide, reaching $88 billion by 2018, demonstrating that VoIP is the future of voice communications. Consider switching to Hosted Voice to lower costs, simplify voice system management, and enjoy advanced features that help your business work smarter and stay agile.

Why Hosted Voice

Full Suite of Integrated Unified Communications Tools. Improve productivity and support mobility with chat, presence, IM, HD voice and video calling, and screen sharing. Unified Communications features are available with Hosted Voice and support desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Flexible Installation Options. With our self-install option, you can be up and running in about a week. Or, you can opt for a fully-managed installation with an onsite technician.

Training for a Smooth Transition. Free customizable user and administrator training helps employees get the most out of Hosted Voice.

No Minimums. Unlike other providers, we don’t place user or seat minimums on our 24/7 customer care availability.

One Provider. One Point of Contact. Serve all of your locations with the convenience of a single provider.

What Our Customers Say

MegaPath Unified Communications is so easy to deploy with iPhones and Androids. It blends the popular ways of staying connected now—email, voicemail, video, texting, and IM—all into one platform that supports all of today's popular communication devices."
Jim Dainko, President, Fluid Networks

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1TechTarget “VoIP Security Considerations,” Sandra Kay Miller, Contributor

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I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.